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            Add:NO.509,Shuangguang Road,
          Keqiao Economic Developme-
          nt Zone , Shaoxing , Zhejiang ,
          Contacts:Mr. Ma
            Current Position>> Company Profile

            Zhejiang Jmabearing Co,Ltd.is a solety-invested enterprise by Hongkong Jingma International Limited Company, specializing the production of 7 kinds of cone roller bearings. The automobile bearing production project has been listed in the siginificant industrial development project in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.
          Our company specializes in seven types of tapered roller bearing production .JMA¨s manufacturing equipment is first rank in our country , and it is equipped with the advanced processing and assembly line, heat processing equipment and test equipment, with high automation level.
             Bearing the ^people-oriented, and quality priority ̄theory all the time,our company devoted to provide customer high quality bearing series and service, and has passed NQA¨s ISO/TSI1649:2002 quality system authentication.For example, production of Tapered Roller Bearing 32208, by the Machinery Industry bearings quality Inspection center testing, the product of the indicators have reached the domestic advanced level, in which product life reliability test indicators in the domestic top.
             The JMA people with research in science and technology, technique and equipment, marketing and many other advantages, with strong capital in Zhejiang and the advanced management concept, Goldenhorse Bearing (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. will achieve just-in-time production, scientific management, standardized operation. We strive to use 3-5 years to achieve first-class products, first-class technology, first-class equipment and first-class management development goals, among the ranks of advanced bearing manufacturing enterprises to enable JMA to become a famous brand synonymous with.
          Zhejiang Jmabearing Co,Ltd. All rights reserved Tel:86-575-85456666 Fax:86-575-85452222