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          Zhejiang Jmabearing Co,Ltd. realizes
          "Equipment Investment, Process Innovation" double breakthrough

            At present,the investment of ?Goldenhorse Bearing (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd automotive bearings production project has been fully completed, the second phase has been intensified. There are 98 bearing grinding processing equipment, among them are 3 full automatic digital control bearing grinding production line and some stand-alone machines, which produces bearing with the inner diameter between 40mm200mm,All the equipment all entered the stage of normal production.
            The grinding machine also includes: MKW7675 to-and-fro two surface grinding machine, M7675B/1 differential two surface grinder, M11200/2 no core grinder, M7475B plane grinder.
            Assembly equipments include: ampoule filler,reset machine, deutroflux, TH-DLMS80(L) laserjet, automatic washing machine.
            Test equipments include: CL-1A profile and roughness tester, Y9025G roundness measuring instrument, JD25-C length measuring instrument,etc.
            Public equipments include:filtration frequency conversion water management system, frequency conversion transformation of air compressor gas provider system.
            A craftman should sharpen his tools before he starts to work. Bearing is a kind of parts and auxiliary component widely used in mechanical industry. The Company in the selection of the most advanced mill processing equipment to ensure product quality at the same time, in the absorption strengths of others based on process improvement, production process also has a larger breakthrough and innovation, such as tapered roller bearings used on Raceway a few curves and so on.
          Production processes are used as follows:
            Inner ring: inner surface at both ends by grinding into the line, after: "rough grinding Raceway★ rough grinding bore diameter ★fine grinding Raceway ★ fine grinding bore diameter ★ rough grinding ribs★ fine grinding ribs★ Raceway Superfinishing ★ ribs Superfinishing "processes.
             Outer ring: the outer ring at both ends of surface by grinding into the line, after: "rough grinding Cylindrical ★ rough grinding Raceway★fine grinding Cylindrical★fine Grinding Raceway★Cylindrical grinding end ★Raceway Superfinishing★outside diameter Superfinishing "processes.

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