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          Talents Strategic
            Talent to achieve corporate strategic objectives of the cornerstone of sustainable development. Company to scientific training methods, an effective incentive mechanism and fair competition platform for the development of the vast space for the human talents, so that everyone can JMA Bearing this in the full manifestation of the collective self-esteem, achieve personal career Planning and Enterprise Development Goals the best combination of employees and enterprises to grow together.
          The principle of choose and employ persons
             The internal culture-oriented enterprises build a scientific mechanism of competition the opportunity before them capable of.
          Talent Yalues
            Talent is the capital, talent is the most valuable asset, the company's door for all interested in the cause of people bearing always open. Company respected "serious, rapid and sustained progress" of the entrepreneurial spirit, pay attention to the employees of character and capacity-building, require staff to have the professionalism and the ability to develop, a strong sense of dedication and sense of responsibility, awareness of modern management capacity, promote team spirit.
            Company to standardize the management of science and provide their employees with good working environment and development platform, "to the cultural pool of talents in order to motivate talented people to pay to retain talent mechanism to cause expands the pool" of talent and enterprise employees realize the concept of common development and progress of the company into a world-class manufacturer of bearings Products.

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