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            Add:NO.509,Shuangguang Road,
          Keqiao Economic Developme-
          nt Zone , Shaoxing , Zhejiang ,
          Contacts:Mr. Ma
            Current Position>> Quality Assurance

          Process Control
             JMA¨s manufacturing process is required, designed,manufactured and assemblies according to the international industrial standard. Every process is pricisely controlled.
            There is no limit for JMA¨s pursue for quality perfection. While choose the grinding processing equipment, JMA people also do lots of technology improvement to seek more breakthrough.

            JMA implements 5S management method in the production works, that is Seirim, Seiton, Safety, Seikeetsu, and Shitsuke. Keep the working environment tidy and clean, and strictly specify the waste objects¨allocation and reclaim, so as to create a healthy woek atmosphere.

          Trace Routine
          Top class manufacturing and testing equipment ,international quality guarantee system and environment management mode, modern manufacturing works and advanced technology, make Jingma¨s products trust worthy.

          Product Quality
            JMA has passed NQA¨s ISO/TSI1649:2002 quality system authentication. Authentication is passed, marked the Jinma Bearing quality management work into the same industry leading level, the company realize a high starting point, large investment, the creation of high-quality objectives for the product from entering the international market have laid a solid foundation.
             JMA Bearing grinding using advanced processing technology, Ring Raceway Straightness curve shape for type, ferrule Raceway roundness control in less than 2μm can greatly enhance the service life of bearings.

          Profile of ring track test report
          Roundness of ring track test report
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